Google is about to reward great UI/UX. Is your website ready?

It should be!

Paying better attention to your UI/UX efforts could improve your performance in search engines! Google has announced that in May of 2021, they will formally be including page experience signals in Google Search ranking.

Wait! UI? UX?

At Smart Data SEO, we put a heavy emphasis on the experience your potential customers have with your brand. This includes the experiences visitors have when they land on and navigate your website. The formal name of this practice is “User Experience” (UX for short). That user experience is largely driven by the “User Interface” (UI), or the actual way that the website is designed to facilitate and encourage interaction. And now, Google has officially said that they really care about this too! In effect, they’re going to step into your potential customers’ shoes to see what their experiences of your website are.

What This Means for You

If you want to perform better in Google Search results, it would behoove you to look closely at how your users experience your website. Put yourself in the position of your ideal customer and visit your website. Do it on whatever device(s) and using whatever browsers you have handy.

  • Does it look good and work well on mobile devices?
  • Do you have the proper security enabled to protect your users and to set their minds at ease?
  • Do you use “intrusive interstitials” (i.e. popups, splash screens, etc.) on your page that might frustrate users trying to access your content?

Google wants to see that you’re providing a great experience for your users and will reward or penalize you accordingly.

We Can Help!

If you’re concerned about how your website might not be ready for these upcoming changes, set up a free consultation call and we can explore your concerns and advise you accordingly.

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