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ImprintCX had clear ideas about what they wanted their brand to be -- high end and expert -- but needed help translating that vision to the web.

They needed a web presence to be built quickly to accommodate their already existing -- and quickly growing -- client base. They also needed the website to be flexible so it can grow with their business.

The company required a custom-built administration back-end so they can easily add and modify content such as posts, articles, case studies, and testimonials.

They also needed training to understand how to maintain and manage their website content.


We built ImprintCX a new site from scratch, helping them identify and define their core brand identity and then create content that supports that identity.

During the main build process, we set them up with a custom landing page that allowed them to collect contact information and provide a basic marketing message until the primary site was ready.

As a company that focuses on Customer experience, they required a high-end website that matches their brand.

We'd like to think that we delivered just that.

Lastly, we built a robust back-end that allows them to add beautifully styled content with minimal administrative effort and created training videos for their team to learn how to do so.

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Client: imprint cx

New boutique, high-end, consulting firm needed to start from "square one." We took them from brand creation to full online presence.

ImprintCX.com home page

Client: SOSystems

Wastewater Treatment Startup wanted to move off Wix with new, robust website

SOSystems Logo


SOSystems Technologies came to us as a startup with a website on the Wix platform. They felt limited by Wix in their ability to control content and to achieve the marketing and SEO impact they had in mind.

They also wanted a platform that would scale with their business, and that would provide VIP login access for different audiences such as service provider partners and potential investors.


We built a new website for SOSystems on a completely custom design. The new website includes UX details like faceted search on their "Environmental Buletins," allowing users to view only the bulletins for a particular geographic region.

We built out admin tools on the backend, making it easier for the subject matter experts within the company to add and edit content.

Using targeted structured data SEO techniques we focused their offerings on particular markets, audiences, and geographic regions.

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GretchenHydo.com logo


Master Coach Gretchen Hydo came to us years ago with a website that needed some basic updates and maintenance.

She wanted to improve her SEO and needed someone to help her optimize her content on an ongoing basis.

She needed a shop to offer digital downloads of her premium coaching materials.

Eventually, her business grew to where she needed to offer coaching and business services to other coaches through a subscription business group. This group would utilize on-demand video and downloads.


We provide both Technical and Content Maintenance for Gretchen Hydo International.

We have added e-commerce, functionality for subscriptions and courses, and support for multimedia hosting and streaming.

As her business grew and she built new program offerings, we have built out entire new sub-brands and product lines, complete with applications, and marketing integrations.

We have added custom SEO code to her content, resulting in great successes, including a years-old blog post grabbing the "Featured Snippet" area in Google's search results for variations on the query "Am I a trustworthy person?"

As a new author, we are currently working to promote her book, "Dirty Little Secrets of Women." [Due out Oct. 2022]

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Client: Gretchen Hydo International

Master Life Coach benefits from Website Maintenance, SEO, and a New Website

Client: DGPO

Industry group needed complete overhaul of their website to manage memberships and member-only content.

DGPO - Data Governance Professionals Organization


DGPO had earned a reputation as a first-class membership organization for data management professionals, but their website was several years old and did not match that stellar reputation.

Content and membership management was difficult for both users and administrators; content was difficult to discover; and the website navigation was counter-intuitive.

Plus, the site just looked dated...


We developed a new site for DGPO that showcased their excellent content in a way that their members could more easily find the content they needed.

We began with a clean slate and a completely new design. We then cleaned up the website architecture, displaying the content in aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate ways.

We created a new Members Only content section that showcased rich multimedia content (PDF, Video, Audio) and member resources like a searchable glossary.

We provided the DGPO leadership with new tools to manage content and membership accounts; then we added reporting features and custom training materials to support them in their efforts.

Lastly, we added our own “special Sauce” of structured data infused SEO. On an ongoing basis, we help them maintain the site.

visit the DGPO website
Check The Cool Wax


John had built a moderately successful side-hustle curating and selling vinyl records through a third party website, but had no brand or website presence of his own.

He needed a new logo and brand marketing materials.

He needed a website that would support a lot of marketing, transaction, and communication needs.


In addition to a slick new logo and branding materials, we built john a new website:

  • where he could direct people when he met them at face-to-face marketplaces and through other marketing efforts
  • that could take on some of the heavy lifting of gathering information from customers
  • to sell his bespoke, "Wax Sherpa" record-curation service
  • to facilitate the selling of gift certificates
  • to clearly lay out two different purchase options (buting directly, and buying through the 3rd-party platform)
  • that he could simply edit himself to add "featured wax" albums, customer testimonials, and other content
  • to be able to grow as his business grows

We provide ongoing Technical Maintenance for Check The Cool Wax.

visit Check the Cool Wax

Client: Check the Cool Wax

Side-Hustle to Full Brand Presence.

Client: The AV Guys

Website Hack recovery!

screenshot of The AV Guys website
The AV Guys Logo


When The AV Guys approached us for a new website, their current website had been hacked and redirected to some NSFW content.

Once freed from that problem, they wanted a new logo and website.

As a small business, they wanted something that would not be time-consuming to maintain and add content to on an ongoing basis.

Theirs is a competitive industry, so having some solid SEO underpinnings was also critical to them.


We created a new logo and branding package for the AV Guys.

We built out a front-end and back-end for their website so they could manage and showcase their work without needing to devote a lot of time or effort.

Logo for Premier Construction of Illinois


Premier had a site design that they liked, but it was built on outdated technology.

Their website was broken, and they were unable to get into it to make edits or improvements. The site was not responsive, meaning it would not look good on various screens; e.g. phones, tablets, and computers.

The company had never undertaken any proactive SEO efforts, yet they recognized that the construction market in Chicago was very competitive.

The Premier team needed something that they could update themselves as they finished new projects, which they wanted to highlight with text, photos, and testimonials.

They also needed training to understand how to maintain and manage their website.


We built Premier a new site on a stable platform, while retaining key elements from their original design.

We added to their site's design and functionality to improve usability for their visitors and better admin control for the Premier team.

We ensured their new site was responsive and looked great on mobile devices.

With our cutting-edge approach to SEO, we increased their visibility significantly in search results, with some parts of their site appearing in the first three pages of Google search results within days of their site launch.

Lastly, we trained their team in how to work with their new site, giving them full control to use their new site as it should be used — to generate new customers and new revenue for their business.

Client: Premier Construction of Illinois

Family-owned construction company benefited from new website, SEO, and training.

Screenshot of PremierConstructionil.com

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