Website Health Check

Is your website old, broken, or just not performing well? We start with a health check!

Before a good doctor prescribes, they do an examination. Before a good contractor starts knocking down walls, they do an inspection. We do the same! Our proven Website Health Check eliminates guesswork and reduces costs by allowing us to keep what’s working, fix what isn’t, and find opportunities for growth.

If you hire us to do your website redesign, the cost of the health check will be credited toward that work, but whether you work with us or you want to DIY your refresh, this is your best next step!

Order a Website Health Check below and in two weeks, you’ll have actionable knowledge and a clear, concrete plan to move forward.

The Three-Step Health Check Process

1. Order Your
Health Check

1. Order Your Health Check

Using multiple diagnostic tools, we'll put your website under a microscope to understand what is -- and is not -- working. We focus on key areas that make a difference to business success!

2. Report &

2. Report & Review

Within two weeks, you will receive a comprehensive, business-focused report full of action items you can take to improve your website right away, AND a consultative call to discuss our findings!

3. Implement
your plan

3. Implement your plan

If you hire us to implement the fixes on your website, we'll credit the cost of the report toward that work. Or you can do the work yourself or hire someone else. Either way, the report is yours to keep and use!

What’s Included?

$ 597
We’ll review the following:
  • Design
  • Branding
  • User Interfaces
  • User Experience
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Performance & Security
  • Customer Engagement
  • Accessibility
  • Technical Review
  • Content Format & Copy
  • Legal Policies & Practices
    (NOTE: We are not attorneys and cannot offer legal advice)

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