Why We Recommend Hosting Your Website with WP Engine

Smart Data SEO is a WPEngine Agency Partner

…and why we’ve become a WP Engine Agency Partner

Most of our clients have WordPress-based websites, and those websites need to be hosted somewhere. Choosing a website host is an important and often overlooked step in launching, moving, or improving a website.

Your web host is like the land on which you build your dream house – it matters. Is the land flat? Is it in a flood zone? Is it located in a high-crime area? Is the plot going to support your current home and any expansions you might wish to build in the future? Is it ideal for the type of home you’re going to build?

Hosting affects:

  • Website stability
  • Cyber security
  • Uptime
  • Website speed and performance
  • Compatibility with the systems used in the website
  • Ability to react to and fix problems quickly when they occur

At Smart Data SEO, we’ve got you covered when it comes to your website appearance, usability, discoverability, and maintenance. We have worked with a lot of hosting companies and they are not all equal. We prefer to work with one that takes your business and our partnership seriously. For us, our first choice is clear: WP Engine.

Here are just a few reasons we’re fans of WP Engine:

WP Engine…
…is engineered for WordPress websites. They don’t host other platforms, and this singular focus means they’re optimized for WordPress.
…is proactive when it comes to areas such as security and stability. This means we can prevent problems rather than solve them.
…includes in their pricing critical elements such as SSL Certificates, so you won’t be paying for a lot of services that frankly, *should* be included.
…has outstanding support. If something does go wrong and needs our intervention, we have quick access to their support teams who truly act as partners, helping us support you. The systems and people that WP Engine has put in place help us do our jobs better and more efficiently, which in turn helps us keep costs down – savings that we pass along to you.
…has analytics tools built in that allow us to track things like page performance, content performance, and application performance.
…is built to scale. As your business grows, WP Engine is positioned to help you transition smoothly to support that growth online. Whether it be an increase in site visitors, addition of a large library of multimedia resources, or adding e-commerce to your website, WP Engine has the infrastructure to support that growth.

For these reasons and more, we have taken the step to formally become a WP Engine Agency Partner. We still work with other hosts, and the choice of where to host your website is ultimately up to you. That said, we have a clear preference, and if you’d like to learn more about WordPress and our partnership with WP Engine, here’s more information (PDF).

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